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Your local Centre Owners

The owners of the new Kip McGrath Education Centre in Allenton, opened in October 2011, are Sue & Dave Priestley. 

Sue is a fully qualified teacher with 30 years experience, has a B.Ed Honours degree from the University of Warwick plus a Professional Counselling qualification. She has worked in schools throughout Derbyshire and in more recent times has been employed directly by the LEA as an Advisory Teacher across both Primary and Secondary Schools delivering pastoral care and training with great passion. She continues to relish the challenge of influencing for the better the lives of children living in our region, We have experienced so many success stories over the past 6 years that Sue is continually motivated to continue the great work. 

In her spare time Sue loves sewing, cooking and dog walking.

Derby South UK Conference 2014 

Dave has a Masters Degree in Manufacturing Systems Engineering, from the University of Warwick, together with 30 years experience in Manufacturing Industry centred on logistics functions where his mathematical and analytical skills have brought about considerable improvements and reduced costs. He has worked in the Derby and Nottingham areas and enjoyed the challenges of helping UK Manufacturing remain competitive. Dave's most recent positions have been at managerial level thus providing the necessary business skills to successfully run a Kip McGrath Education Centre. He takes care of the Centre administration, allowing Sue to devote her time to the professional tutoring of the pupils.

In his spare time Dave enjoys walking, cycling and photography.


Our goal

To create an environment where both children and parents are happy and confident to return to and also provide a high quality of personal care and great service that will set us apart. Enrol your child with Kip McGrath Derby South and watch their academic abilities, confidence, self-esteem and motivation to succeed grow.



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