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Welcome to our Summer 2015 newsletter. The year has positively flown by and it only seems a few weeks ago since the start of the year in September. A Very Big Thank you all for the support and words of encouragement you have provided throughout the year. It’s good to know that we are continuing to make a difference to the young people by giving them the extra boost they need. It has been so rewarding to see all of our students improve and grow in confidence. We’ve aware of some SATS results already and we’re optimistic that the GCSE results will be equally fantastic when they’re released in August. The students have worked really hard to achieve their target grades.

summer news

We will be open for lessons during the summer holidays, mainly on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays during August. A separate timetable is available. Please book your choices with David at the most convenient times for you. We are happy to be flexible so don’t worry if you can only make a different day/time. Whatever you find yourselves doing over the summer we hope you have an amazing and relaxing time. If you’re off out of the country we hope that you enjoy a fabulous experience with guaranteed great weather.

Normal lessons will begin at the start of the new term on Monday 7th September 2015.

Special mention goes to our Kip stars

All the children and young people who have attended for lessons have done extremely well.

Jack Wain, Dylan Parker,  Evie Wells

End of Term Awards

These will once again feature during the last week of term. These are special teacher awards based on that extra special something. Enjoy!

We said a sad farewell to Paul in May as he has now moved to live in Essex. We are truly grateful to Paul for the amazing work he has done with the younger students. There were tears all round when the actual leaving day came. Paul has now settled in to his new home and is in the middle of a building project.

We took the opportunity in February to convert our storeroom into a classroom in order to meet an increase in demand. This has worked well and has received enthusiastic reviews. There are no further plans to amend our capabilities further.

Payment stuff

If the thought of handling cash each week worries you, why not sign up for our payment gateway system, which is essentially a direct debit linked to your child’s lessons. This is a secure, simple and reliable way of making payments to us. The system issues a weekly reciept automatically The Childcare voucher scheme is set to change in September. If you are already in a scheme through your Employer nothing changes and you can just carry on. If you have the opportunity to join a scheme before September please speak with us. The savings are significant (25% for a basic rate taxpayer). 


We would like to thank everyone who has been part of our Centre this year. Special thanks go to Paul Lolley, Helen Murphy, Gill Jones, Graham Eacott, Katherine Johnson, Alison Chilton, Praxedis Gutsa, Jas Grewal and Sallyann Johnson. We’re really pleased to have these fantastic teachers on board and we know they will continue to deliver the best possible standard for the children.

We’re planning to be away for a couple of weeks in the summer and will also do some decorating in the Centre over the holiday. The paint smell will have gone by September. We hope to see some of you over the summer weeks but if not we’ll be back fully refreshed and raring to go on Monday 7th September. We’ll look forward to seeing you then. Have a great summer.

Sue & Dave Priestley
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