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Welcome to our Summer 2013 newsletter. We can’t believe the summer is upon us already in spite of the changeable weather! We would like to thank you all for the support and words of encouragement you have given to us regarding the centre. It’s good to know that we are making a difference to the young people by giving them the extra boost they need. It has been so rewarding to see our students improve and grow in confidence.


Summer news

We will be open for 4 weeks during the summer holidays on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. You will need to book in your lesson slots with David at the most convenient times for you. We are happy to be flexible so don’t worry if you can only make a different day/time.

We are interested in running a craft and/or Lego building session during the summer so if your child would like to come and do this can you let us know so that we able to plan it in.

All the children and young people who have attended for lessons have done remarkably well.

They are all STARS!


Times Tables leader board


Currently at the top of the leader board is Pritvi with a top score of 63. He is in close completion with Yelson, whose desire is to get ahead of Pritivi. You should see the speed at which these two battle away at the end of a lesson!

In the junior section we have a “best of 3” competition going on between Fred and James - I think they are level pegging at the moment.

One slight issue is that David decided to take part in the challenge and now tops the leader board himself! So, calling all parents out there – can you beat David?? Come in and have a go – he needs an adult challenger.


Other news

We are blessed in the Centre with some truly amazing young sports stars. Ellie is a budding ice skater who trains really hard and aspires to go all the way. James trains with the Elite GB skiing squad and regularly competes all over the UK and in Europe.  



All of the children now use our Insight software and report that it’s generally great fun. There are occasional issues which are reported back to the IT people in Australia and fixes are usually applied quite quickly.


Finally ………..

We would like to thank everyone who has been part of our centre this year.  Special thanks go to Paul Lolley who’s inspired many a young person. Also with us at varying times through the year have been Jo Hiscox, Liz Wilson and Paul Tilzey. Liz and Paul have brought specialism in GCSE Maths for those students doing GCSE this Summer (Paul has even done a little GCSE Science to help out).


We currently have a student from Derby University with us (who’s doing a PGCE Teacher Qualification) during the Summer months. Her name is Rebecca and you’ll see her around on Wednesday afternoons.

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