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  • "We send him here to push him a little further than he gets pushed in school. We want him to acheive the best he can in Maths and English . While he is interested we will continue to send him."
  • "My daughter was very disinterested in maths and after only 3 weeks I can already see an improvement in her attitude to maths and this is reflecting in her work. Gill is a lovely and supportive tutor. My daughter even asked if she could come more than once a week! Thank you!"
  • "We are very happy and so is our son"
  • "He has  enjoyed the lessons and the help that he has received has  been fantastic. During the 8 months he's attended we can  see the progress he has made which is great!"
  • "I initially sent my daughter to Kip McGrath as she was waiting for a school place. A friend recommended them to me so I thought I would give it a go. My daughter is now in full time education and still attending Kip. She's only been coming for a few months and I can already see the difference. Everyone at Kip is fantastic, I have every faith that she is going to do really well."
  • "At Kip McGrath everything is fabulous"
  • "When I first came to Kip, I thought it was going to be hard, but after I have been here a few times, I thought it’s fun. You get to do work on the computer and after finishing your tasks you can play games. I really enjoy coming to Kip and it helps me with my English and Maths. Right now, my English is much better than the first time I came here. I love being here very much!"

  • "She has fallen behind at school and due to large class (35 pupils) this has been overlooked for over 9 months. In Yr3 in September she was ok; then at the parents evening in April of Yr3 she was not even at the same level as the previous September. Kip has benefited her by working in smaller groups and using more personalised learning plannng."
  • "The teachers have boosted my childs' confidence and he has started to enjoy learning."
  • "I recommend Kip McGrath to any parent and student who wants to achieve the best grade they can get in English and Maths. Kip has given me the ability to pass my exams with the grades I aspired to and for that I am very thankful."

  • "He needed to improve his English Comprehension, Grammar and Spelling. At School he was forecast for a D - C at GCSE. He is now predicted a B/ A. His confidence and ability in ALL lessons has improved as most need good literacy skills. This has been due to the staff at Kip McGrath and all their support."
  • "They are brilliant and very supportive with him"
  • "He has found school very difficult and this in turn has had an effect on confidence in his work. Over the last 12 months he has enjoyed the structure that Kip has brought and has managed to be moved up from the bottom group in numeracy; this is a huge achievement for all of us and it has given him great confidence. He enjoys Kip and the structure of the learning."
  • "We are very pleased to send our daughter to Kip McGrath Derby South. We strongly feel our daughter's improvement"
  • "The confidence and ability with English, Comprehension and spelling have vastly improved for our son, thank you"
  • "My 3 children have been attending the Kip McGrath Centre Derby South for the last year. I cannot speak more highly of the added value that Dave and Sue have brought to my children's academic progress. They do a great job at creating a very open and friendly atmosphere which I feel is conducive to a great learning environment. My children have always looked forward to their time spent in the Centre. The kids have achieved excellent results this year and that is in no small part down to the efforts of all those at Kip McGrath Derby South."
  • "We are very pleased to have our daughter at Kip McGrath Derby South. We have seen a strong improvement in our daughter’s performance and want this to continue. Many thanks."
  • "My daughter has reached her target reading level for the first time; this is down to the work she does at Kip McGrath, which she loves"
  • "My daughter is enjoying her work and doing so well in school now; thank you to all at Kip McGrath Derby South who have made this possible"
  • "He has just achieved Level 5A in his Maths; we are very pleased parents and thank you to all at Kip Derby South for your help"

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