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Is your child struggling with English? 

We can help them develop their skills to catch up with the class or maybe you'd like to see them out in front of their peers. At Kip McGrath Derby South we can help with spelling, handwriting, grammar, reading, punctuation, comprehension and essay writing. 

We are able to help your child attain Level 5 in Year 6 SAT's and also achieve their English GCSE with that essential 4 - 9  grade.  We offer assistance with a wide range of other qualifcations including 11+ and adult/ generic skills.


Kip English Tutoring


At Kip McGrath Derby South, our teachers share a passion for instilling a love of reading in all our students. This improves knowledge and also delivers joy gained by reading for pleasure. We believe that good reading and comprehension skills form the basis of all future learning in all academic subjects throughout their lifetime. 


We can help your son or daughter to:


1. Communicate clearly in both writing and verbally

2. Develop their reading and writing skills

3. Improve comprehension, spelling, grammar and structure

4. Address weaknesses in specific areas with targeted work programs


Our Kip reading programmes focus on each child’s individual needs, targeting teaching using a combination of phonics and sight word recognition and a multi-sensory approach to learning to ensure that all learning styles are catered for. 

I love English at Kip


How do we achieve progress?

At Kip McGrath Derby South we aim to help students progress in all areas of the English National Curriculum by working with them to become fluent readers and writers. Our goal is to achieve this by targeting your son or daughters weaknesses, helping them to improve academic performance and build their confidence and self-esteem.


English at Kip


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