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Maths at Kip McGrath Derby South


Our experience is that parents report concerns about their child's maths work in school and children often see themselves as "failures" when it comes to the subject. We are able to build confidence in maths as this is an essential part of the work that we do with your child at Kip. This then inspires them to approach their maths topics with a positive attitude rather than a feeling of failure and panic. This will result in a new approach to maths producing success both at home and in school. Your child can learn that doing maths is actually quite straightforward and even fun.


Kip master the maths basics


Whether it's numeracy at Primary level, preparing for SAT's or succeeding at GCSE, Kip McGrath Derby South are here to help.


What can your child achieve in their Maths through us?


  1. Increased confidence with their Maths back in school
  2. Success with their Maths homework
  3. Opportunity to work in a small group without disruption
  4. Practise maths skills until they are confident
  5. Get 1 to 1 support from a qualified teacher when they need it
  6. Reinforce their learnings with individual homework
  7. Exam success when the time comes


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