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Are you prepared for GCSE Maths?


At GCSE level in Year 11 it's important to keep options open post 16. With this in mind every student seeks to achieve a GCSE pass at Grade 4/ 5 or above. At Kip McGrath Derby South we are able to help you achieve this goal.

higher maths 123 trigonometric functions 4 728

You will need to tell us which Exam Board you are being entered for and at which level (Foundation or Higher). Following your assessment we will then tailor your sessions by addressing any basic topics that need to be mastered first. 

In the school environment, the constraints of the Curriculum mean that the teacher has to move at a fast pace in order to cover the syllabus. At Kip we proceed at your individual pace, ensuring you have firmly grasped each topic. We offer practice in the different skills required to ensure you retain your learning.

It's important to ensure that you plan well ahead for the GCSE Exams as this enables us to maximise the benefit of your time at Kip and offer a significantly better chance of success.A successful outcome in GCSE Maths will be a life skill that will stay with you throughout your career - you will use it in a variety of situations to your advantage.








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