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Kip McGrath Derby South Philosophy

Students enjoy Kip

 At Kip McGrath Derby South we believe that every child is capable of achieving their full potential with all our resources directed to support this ethos. Children enjoy coming to Kip McGrath therefore already they are best placed to learn.

We believe fully in the Kip McGrath professional tutoring methods which have been successful for more than 40 years and have led to the business achieving international presence. There are now in excess of 220 centres across the majority of regions in the UK and Kip McGrath continues to be one of the fastest growing UK franchise business opportunities.

Our desire is to help build the very brightest future for your child to realise their full potential, aged 5 to16 in their English and Maths academic studies. In fact, everything we do works toward this goal. Academic success will open up greater opportunities for them as they develop. We provide a professional quality service using only qualified teachers. We treat your child as an individual and provide a positive learning environment that’s structured and challenging but also both fun and stimulating for all abilities. We place great emphasis on success andachievement in all our students, rewarding and creating the motivation and desire to learn.


How do we achieve success?

In order to address your concerns we will provide a free of charge educational assessment to highlight current strengths and weaknesses with your child’s Maths, English, Reading and Spelling. We will go through this with you so you can understand and ask questions. The findings are then tailored as a learning program specifically for your son or daughter so that best progress can be achieved over the coming weeks. We will be honest with you about what we feel can be achieved in specific timescales.


If you decide to enrol your son or daughter with Kip McGrath Derby South your child’s individual tutoring programme is delivered on a weekly basis in 80-minute sessions in small groups of up to 4. Sessions take place weekdays after school and onSaturday mornings. Every session is structured as a number of 10 minute individual activities, encompassing computer based, written and practical resources to allow each child to learn at their own pace, developing an enthusiasm for success in a fun and friendly environment. Homework is a key part of life at Kip McGrath as this helps the child to reinforce the subjects taught in class. We provide weekly feedback to parents and regular reviews to measure progress. Read more


Reasons for your child to attend

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  • to further extended existing skills
  • It's an inspirational place to learn
  • to push ahead in their studies
  • to catch up with their peers
  • to seek a helping hand with their homework
  • to improve their grades
  • to get specific help in key areas
  • to catch up specific topics
  • to improve their confidence/ self-esteem
  • to benefit from a small group environment
  • they struggle with specific aspects of the school environment. e.g. large class size
  • to receive specific exam preparation or study skills. E.g. SAT’s, 11+, GCSE, A Level or Entrance Exam
  • their teacher recommends additional study

All resources required whilst at the Kip centre, including homework, are included in the weekly fee – there are no additional or hidden costs involved.

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The Measure of Success

Your child will graduate from the Kip McGrath programme with a greater desire to learn, with more motivation to succeed and they will have stronger belief in themselves. There is a direct link between the child’s attendance at Kip McGrath and their enhanced future school performance.

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