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Kip McGrath Education Centre Derby South utilise state of the art technology resources to enhance the learning experience for all of our students. 



Insight is our Internet based graphical educational package that allows each student to follow their own study programme. It allows the Teacher to plan each lesson and to work with the child to be succesful. When planning the next lesson the current week's achievements are always taken into account. 



Each student is able to personalise their own page and access their own lessons. Achievements are logged and success rewarded with immediate feedback.




This helps to build the student's confidence - if they didn't score well the first time around when the subject material is reviewed by the teacher the result is often a perfect score.




Tasks are set for each pupil based on their preferred method of learning. These will encompass computer work, written work and practical exercises. Each is logged in Insight and Kip points accumulated for correct answers and teacher rewards for exceptional work.




Based on the initial assessment the Teacher plans the lesson to ensure that the student is working at the correct level from where the improvement or progression journey can begin.


Insight also affords the ability for each student to do their homework on-line or even to actually do the lesson at home when a Centre visit isn't possible. Developments are now being released to provide for on-line tuition where the graphical interface allows the student to join a session whilst away from the Centre and still receive all the benefits of the Centre session.


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