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It's all about your child

 Your child as an individual


Absolutely everything we do has the best interests of your son or daughter at heart. We carry out a free initial educational assessment and then create a program of study that will achieve success solely for them. Each individual lesson is planned just for them and feedback provided to parents at the end of the session specifically about what your child has achieved during the lesson. 

We encourage and stimulate them to achieve and take every opportunity to succeed, either by ongoing rewards or end of term achievement awards where we recognise their individual success. Your child will know how well they are doing every week.

Our state of the art educational software, Insight, also recognises the individuality of each student, identifying them by name. Their own lessons are there for them to work on and they are highly motivated to succeed via a system of "traffic lights" - Green, Yellow and Red. Students achieving 100% correct answers are rewarded with "flashing green" scores - wow !!!

Kip points are awarded for correct answers where students can stretch themselves to maximise their own scores. There's always a challenge to build up as many Kip points as possible. 


Kip Make Learning fun


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